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Sidi Ahmad is here!

Assalaamu ‘Alaykum Dear Brothers and Sisters

Last night was a great night for me Alhamdu’Lillah. Sidi Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh, son of Shaykh Hazim Abu Ghazaleh from Jordan, arrived in Cape Town yesterday. The Habibia Soofie Mosque invited Sidi Ahmad as part of their extended Moulood programme which I informed you about a few days ago.

It was great to hear Sidi Ahmad again because of his gentle way of teaching and inspiring, and because he does this with such humility and sincerity.
And as I have mentioned before, Sidi Ahmad is (through his father) a direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad (SAAW). ALLAH!!!!!! Sitting in his company, and last night praying the Esha prayer behind him was such a great spiritual experience. Alhamdu’Lillah!

Last night Sidi Ahmad mentioned that Allah Almighty refers to the character of Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) as “Great”. He then made a comparison about greatness. He said that to a child R100 is great. But to businessman, R100 will not be great – to him R1 million will be great. And to all the people of the world collectively, all the collective wealth in the world will be seen as great. But if Allah Almighty, The Greatest of Great – says something is “Great” – then how great must that thing not be?

Sidi Ahmad went to explain how the Prophet (SAAW) was seen by those close to him, and many of the same examples are in the Hilye document which I sent out yesterday, especially the last few pages. So please read them and share them with others.

Sidi Ahmad also advised us to make – at this time of the Moulood – a resolution to adopt at least one Sunnah of the Noble Prophet (SAAW) – even if it is small. And Insha’Allah I think we can all do this. And I think we all need to.

Sidi Ahmad also mentioned 3 verses of the Quran (1 in Surah Baqarah, 1 in Surah Ale-Imean, and 1 in Surah Jummu’ah) where Allah Almighty mentions that the Prophet (SAAW)’s teaching and advice must first be directed to Tazqiyah (cleansing of the self spiritually) before ‘Ilm (knowledge). This is very important since we have to purify ourselves of all the diseases of the heart – because as my other teacher Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (may Allah preserve him) says, every bad action in the world, every war that has been fought, it all comes from one or other sickness in the heart.

Sidi Ahmad also said that knowledge without tazqiyah is like a tree without roots.

When speaking about the Prophet (SAAW) not looking at other people’s faults, Sidi Ahmad mentioned a Qasidah written by Imam Shafi’ee. The words specifically I cannot remember, but in the end Imam Shafi’ee talks to his eye (who looks at the faults of others) and says “O eye, other people have eyes too (to look back and see your own faults)” – and actually Shaykh Hamza Yusuf has mentioned the same words in one of his talks, but I did not know he was quoting Imam Shafi’ee.

Even after listening to hundreds of talks, you still learn something you didn’t know before. And even what you learnt before, you may understand in a better way due to the way or manner of the speaker expressing the lesson, or due to your own growth and ability to understand things better.

Another new thing I learnt last night is that the Prophet (SAAW) had a step son in his marriage to Khadijah (RA). I know I should have known this, but I didn’t.

Sidi Ahmad also spoke about the generosity of the Prophet (SAAW), how he used to distribute wealth form his home and from the mosque. And this reminded me of when Dr Goolam returned from Jordan, he said this is what he saw Shaykh Hazim (may Allah preserve him) doing in the mosque – distributing the wealth to people in need!

Attached is a book called Discourses of Rumi. Its quite a lot to print (451 pages), but the file size is small, so perhaps pc-reading and email-sharing is going to be best. Mawlana Jalaludin Rumi was a Sufi Saint who was a master poet – and he is currently the best selling poet in America. Why? Because people need this. This fast paced life and rushed world is not what people really want or need. In America and other places people are actually adopting a “Slowness Movement” – and I have a video on this for anyone interested. Two days ago I was walking in the city, and I saw a woman walking from her workplace. She was dressed very modernly, but very Islamically too, all covered expect her hands and face. And she carried one or two bags, but under her arm was a book. I recognized the cover. It was a Naqshbandi Book. So this is what I am finding all around – people are looking for spirituality and peaice. The Naqshbandi Sufi’s are growing rapidly around the world and in Cape Town as well. And this is what the world needs. Alhamdu’Lillah there are many “Ways” – The Shadhili Way, the Naqshbandi Way, the Rumi Way – but they all have one goal – that is ALLAH!

Tassawuf is nothing foreign to Islam. It is a Science, and it has always been there. There are other Sciences like Fiqh as well, and we know in Fiqh there are different paths, we call them Schools or Madthabs. The Shafi’ee, Hanafi, Hanbali, and Maliki Schools are the 4 Schools we know today, but there were many before our times. This Deen is vast, even Quranic recitations differ in pronunciation of certain words.

In the same manner, the Science of Tassawuf caters for all types of people, that is why you have different Sufi Ways, or Paths, or Schools. Like Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller (may Allah preserve him) says, the Shadhili Way is similar to the Rumi Way – they are both based on love. Other Ways are based on struggle. And Allah chooses for a person the Way best for him.

Alhamdu’Lillah we are blessed to Muslim in this time where we have so much opportunity to spread the Deen, and so much opportunity to learn the Deen.

Sidi Ahmad (and Hafiz Fuzail Soofie from Durban – brilliant scholar) will be at Habibia again tonight, Sidi Ahmad is delivering the Jummu’ah Khutbah tomorrow Insha’Allah, and he is also leading an “Evening of Ibadat and Salawaat” on Saturday night from 11pm, and he is also part of the International Qiraat Programme on Sunday at 2.30pm Insha’Allah.

I have just mentioned Sidi Ahmad’s slots, but there are many other brilliant items and speakers on the agenda, Alhamdu’Lillah Habibia has really prepared a massive Moulood celebration.

May Allah Almighty accept our love for Him (Allah) and for him (Prophet Muhammad (SAAW))

Ali said: “He was not one to find fault in others, nor did he overly praise people. He allowed his soul no portion of 3 things: hypocrisy, acquisitiveness (greed), and that which did not concern him.”

The unworthy servant of the descendants of Prophet Muhammad (SAAW)



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