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It’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday!

Assalaamu ‘Alaykum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I know that today I was supposed to publish Part 3 of A different life in Cyprus, but I thought I’d write a personal note since today is a special day for me, Alhamdu’Lillah! J

It is truly a great honour to be Muslim. Really. Sometimes we say that and not really think about it. In every aspect this Deen is perfect, and I’ve come to realize this even more so in my marriage.

Exactly 2 years ago, on my birthday, I wrote a piece with the same title: It’s my birthday!; and amongst many duas in that writing, I said, “I beg Allah to grant me a good wife that I may honour and serve in the name of Islam.”

Alhamdu’Lillah Allah Almighty accepted my duas on 18 March 2006.

So today I’m not only celebrating my birthday, but also my wedding anniversary which is on Sunday Insha’Allah.

Monowarah is a beautiful human being, inside and out. Alhamdu’Lillah Allah Almighty has blessed me abundantly, and in different ways I am seeing this. Alhamdu’Lillah Monowarah has had a good upbringing and a good foundation, and I am now reaping the rewards of that. She truly loves this Deen, and is always trying to improve. This should be the state of every Muslim. Having an aspiration to improve. Alhamdu’Lillah together with striving to be a good Muslim, she is constantly striving to be a good wife to me. To me this is a great blessing for which I am thankful. I pray that Allah Almighty always keeps me thankful to her for the many small things and the many many big things that Monowarah does for me.

Marriage has been, and is, a major discovery for me. Alhamdu’Lillah it is great to have a partner to share all your joys and sorrows with. Just having someone there, even in the next room, is a blessing. I remember my first night of Tarawih – I cried because it was my first Ramadaan as a married man. Today is my first birthday as a married man. Being married you start looking at things differently – work for example. You are now responsible for a household. Everything you do, you ask yourself, would the Prophet (SAAW) do this in his marriage. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes its no. And when its no it takes hard work to change that no into a yes.

If anyone said marriage is easy they’re lying! J My teacher, Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller (may Allah preserve him) said that he thought he was smart, until he tried to learn Arabic. He said that it was a humbling experience for him. Well for me – marriage has been a humbling experience. But definitely a blessed one.

I also find myself trying to prepare myself for fatherhood. Alhamdu’Lillah Allah Almighty has given me this year to do a lot of reflection, and to take lots of learnings from my teachers about how to raise children in the chaotic world that we live in. It is sad to see that many children today are brought up in ways that will have damaging effects on these children. This is not my opinion or my standards, this is what knowledgable scholars are teaching us, and it’s time that we took heed. Things like satellite tv, an abundance of luxury and toys and clothing, etc – these are all destroying the purity of our children. How will they lead Islam tomorrow? How will they carry this message? The Prophet (SAAW) said that we must learn tajweed so that tajweed can carry on to the next generation. One of many examples from Allah’s Prophet (SAAW) that we need to always look out for the future generations. A brother came to me recently, a father, and he was telling me about how we need to safeguard our kids from dangers when they play, dangers like falling into a pool, etc. These are all valid, but what about the spiritual and mental dangers that our children are put under?

What about the cartoons that they are addicted to. Young kids can say “Barnie” before they can say Muhammad!!!!!!!! To me this is something totally unacceptable. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (may Allah preserve him) speaks about this and he says clearly that Barnie is not the friend of his children.

What about the music we allow our children to get addicted to? I’ve seen parents put a dvd player in their cars and then the father plays dance videos for his children to watch while he’s driving. How more irresponsible can you get? What about the skimpy clothing we buy our kids? Especially the girls. When the bend forward even slightly everything is exposed – we all know what I’m talking about!

I also cringe when parents shout at their kids, and use abusive language with them. Parents even swear at their little infants, innocent children who know no better – how can this happen?

This is a big issue for me, and I share my feelings with Monowarah all the time. Islam is under siege throughout the world, and if we don’t nurture our children, who will be there to show the world of tomorrow what Islam really is? Who will be there tomorrow to defend our heritage, our tradition, our cultures, and our teachings?

May Allah Almighty accept my intentions on this day. May Allah Almighty accept my marriage as a service unto Him. May Allah Almighty bless my wife for being patient with me and for blessing me with her company and partnership. May Allah Almighty grant me to be a good husband who follows the Sunnah and who gives my wife all her rights. May Allah Almighty grant me to be a good and wholesome father when He chooses. May Allah Almighty bless the 4 beautiful parents that I have, each of them shining with Imaan and love for Allah and love for the Noble Muhammad (SAAW). May Allah Almighty honour me to serve this Deen and serve the people of this Deen. May Allah Almighty honour me to serve the Noble family of the Prophet (SAAW) – the Ahlil Bayt. May Allah Almighty allow me to serve the scholars and workers of this Deen. May Allah Almighty bless my work and let my Rizq be Halaal. May Allah Almighty remove me from debt and calamity. May Allah Almighty raise the flag of Islam and bring victory to the Muslims. May Allah Almighty assist the Mujahideen and guide them on the Right Way. May Allah Almighty bless you all for being part of Message Islam and for being my close friends and brothers and sisters.

Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.

Alhamdu’Lillah I am very blessed. I cannot count my blessings. How can I ever complain?

Maddad Shaykh Hazim!

The unworthy servant of the Ahlil Bayt



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